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Pavel HAAS

(*21.6.1899, Brno - ✝17.10.1944, Auschwitz)

Czech composer

He studied composition at the Brno conservatory in Janáček's master class (1920-22). He worked from 1935 as a private teacher of music theory and after it at the Jewish secondary school in Brno. He was inspired by the style of Janáček, but he developed his own mixed style since his wind Quintet op. 10. He combines Moravian, Jewish, Gregorian chorale, avant-garde and jazz inspiration. He was imprisoned in Terezín concentration camp (1941-44) where he continued to compose (Study for Strings, 1943, Four Songs on Chinese Poetry, 1944, unfinished Symphony 1940-41). He is also an author of opera Šarlatán (Charlatan, 1934-37). He died in a gaz chamber of concentration camp.

L. Peduzzi: O hudbě v Terezínském ghetu, Brno 1999 (About Music in Terezin Ghetto, in Czech only).

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