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(*11.2.1912, Napajedla - ✝19.7.1994, Staatsburg, NY)

Czech pianist

From 1919 he toke piano lessons with L. Janáček, after he studied at Brno Conservatory with Růžena Kurzová and Prague Conservatory with Vilém Kurz and composer Rudolf Karel. Privately, he continued with Josef Suk (1929-30). Firkušný's compositions included especially compositions for piano (Piano Concerto, 1930). His debut in Prague was in 1922, in England in 1933, in USA in 1930, in South America in 1943, in Australia in 1959.

His repertoire includes especially the work of Martinů, Janáček, Kaprálová or Dvořák. He recorded complete piano music of Janáček.

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