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František Xaver DUŠEK

(*8.12.1731, Chotěborky near Jaroměř - ✝12.2.1799, Prague)

Bohemian composer, piano and music teacher

Son of a peasant, he was supported by his patron Count Johann Karl Sporck. He studied Jesuit Gymnasium at Hradec Králové, in Prague with F. Habermann and in Vienna with Wagenseil. About 1770 he settled in Prague. He became an important piano teacher, his house (known as Bertramka) was one of music life centre of Prague, and Mozart stayed here in 1787 and completed here his La nozze Di Figaro or Don Giovanni. Dušek was composing in so called Gallant Style. He created about 40 symphonies, concerts for harpsichords or pianos, many chamber musics and sonatas for piano.

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