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Vítězslav DRÁPAL

(*20.12.1937, Brno)

Czech flautist

He absolved Conservatory in Brno (1959), Janáček Academy in Brno (1963). In the years 1959-93 he became a member of Czechoslovak Radio Orchestra in Brno. He worked shortly in State Opera in Brno (1968) in Philharmonic in Bejrut (1968-75). He has created Duo di Praga with harphist H. Muller-Jouza, after a group Trio camerale (fl., vn., vcl.). He cooperates with quitarist L. Brabec. He worked as a profesor at the Lebanon National Music Conservatory in Bejrut (1968-75), at the Conservatory in Brno (1979-80) and in Janáček Academy in Brno (1979-93). He registred more than hundred composition in Czech Radio, many premieres of Czech contemporary composers.


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