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František Xaver BRIXI

(*2.1.1732, Prague - ✝4.10.1771, Prague)

Bohemian organist and composer

He came from a large music family. From 1744 to 1749 he studied at the famous Piarist School in Kosmonosy. In 1749, he became an organist in the church of St. Gallus and later in other temples in Prague. In 1759, he was awarded a prestigious position as an organist and regenschori in the cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. He died prematurely. The transcriptions of his compositions have appeared in many Czech choirs as well as in Bavaria, Austria, Poland and Hungary. He wrote approximately 400 works – about 290 spiritual works (100 masses), music to school dramas, music to the Latin plays, which are currently performed (Erat unum cantor bonus, Luridi scholars), chamber and organ compositions and few sinfonies. He belongs to the must important Czech composers of 2nd half of 18th Century.


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