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Association for Art and Education TALENT

The association organises artistic competitions, is engaged in publishing activities in the field of artist training, and supports other activities in the arts field. Its target groups include children and young adults, scholars, artists and the cultural public. It also organises the Beethoven´s Hradec performance competition, the Pro Bohemia international piano competition, and the international organ competion in Opava.
Website in Czech only (competition websites also available in English).
Website in Czech and English.

Type:  associations, competitions, editors, publishers
Contact: Jana Adámková
Style:  classical music
Address:  Matrosovova 11, 709 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 725034747
Em@il:  talent@sdruzenitalent.cz
Web:  http://www.sdruzenitalent.cz

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