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Archa Theatre operates as a production house that provides space to artists for their creative work. This enables the theatre to create its own projects as well as host ensembles and artists both from the Czech Republic and abroad. Several original projects are created at Archa each year, which are then presented in a series of performances. The Archa Theatre is also an integral part of international networks and projects and hosts concerts focusing on the music of various genres mostly in the production of an external organizer.

Type:  halls, theatres
Contact: Ondřej Hrab - ředitel
Style:  multi-genre
Address:  Na Poříčí 1047/26, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 221716111
Em@il:  archa@divadloarcha.cz
Web:  http://www.archatheatre.cz/

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