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Akustické listy - Journal of Czech Acoustic Society

Journal presents mainly to members of Czech Acoustic Society society news, and actual research and development contributions. Papers are focussed to physical acoustics, building and room acoustics, urbanistic acoustics, psychoacoustics, physiological acoustics, acoustics of music and speech, electroacoustics, ultrasound, acoustic emission, noise and vibration control, signal processing and others.

Type:  serials
ISSN: 1212-4702
Periodicity: 4x per year
Published by: Czech Acoustic Society
Editor-in-chief: Ondřej Jiříček
Style:  others
Address:  Technická 2, 166 27 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 224352310
Fax:  +420 233337031
Em@il:  jiricek@fel.cvut.cz
Web:  http://www.czakustika.cz

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