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Weekend of Czech Chamber Music: Bennewitz Quartet (komorní koncert)

Prague Spring IMF 2014

  (12.05.2014 - 03.06.2014)

Prague, Czech Republic festivals classical music, contemporary music

PRAGUE SPRING is the most important classical music festival in the Czech Republic, and it boasts a wealth of participants from around the world.

In 2014, the 69th-annual festival will be presenting fifty-one concerts at seventeen concert venues in Prague, and it will be welcoming nearly 130 orchestras, chamber ensembles, and soloists. The festival will encompass a number of special projects as part of the Year of Czech Music 2014.

Prague Spring http://www.festival.cz/ info@festival.cz https://www.facebook.com/PrazskeJaro?fref=ts

Kampa Museum
Česká republika
30.05.2014 20:00 http://www.festival.cz/

Bennewitzovo kvarteto/Bennewitz Quartet

Jakub Fišer - housle/violin

Pavel Rehberger - bicí nástroje/percussion

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